Did ‘The Simpsons’ Predict Rise of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan? Pakistani Actor Imran Abbas Draws Connection Between the Iconic Show and ‘Bado Badi’ Fame Singer, Leaves the Internet in Splits

In the past, we have seen many crossovers in TV series and films that created viral moments. But one recent crossover that no one saw coming involved Pakistani actor Imran Abbas, Bado Badi fame singer, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, and The Simpsons! It was a crossover no one ever saw coming! But, what is the connection between the three? The Simpsons have a long history of making eerily accurate predictions and creating characters that bear an uncanny resemblance to real people. In a now viral post, Pakistani actor Imran Abbas talks about his own spotting in The Simpsons. He mentions that while watching an episode, he couldn’t help but notice the striking similarity between the characters Bleeding Gums Murphy and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. The resemblance in their hairstyles, particularly, is undeniable! Chahat Fateh Ali Khan of ‘Bado Badi’ Fame Gets Scared of Tiger, Pakistani Singer’s Old Viral Video Resurfaces Online (Watch).

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know The Simpsons. The show has a knack for making eerily accurate predictions about real-life events and creating characters that feel a little too close to home. Pakistani actor Imran Abbas, known for his captivating performances in films and TV series, took to social media to talk about the uncanny resemblance he spotted between the show’s character, Bleeding Gums Murphy and Bado Badi fame singer, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. Abbas suggests that The Simpsons might have even predicted Chahat’s rise to fame and doom. In his post, he says that The Simpsons have done it again. Just like how they predicted certain events in the past, they predicted Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s doom as well. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan went viral earlier this year for his song Bado Badi that made him a meme Lord. Ever since actor Imran uploaded the post on his social media, it went viral online, leaving netizens in splits. ‘The Simpsons’ Did It Again! Three-Eyed Fish in Greenland Convinces Internet of the Iconic Series’ Eerie ‘Prediction’ Done Right With Blinky (View Viral Pic).

Imran Abbas’ Viral Post on Chahat Fateh Ali Khan and The Simpsons

An Unexpected Crossover 

Previously, the character Bleeding Gums Murphy was compared to Stevie Wonder as well. Fans of the show claimed that the character was inspired by Stevie Wonder. Stevland Hardaway Morris, popularly known by his stage name Stevie Wonder, is a 74-year-old American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer. There was an X user who joked that Imran has to be joking by saying that a character allegedly inspired by Stevie Wonder is similar to Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. Well, we’re not sure if actor Imran Abbas was joking when he compared the character of Bleeding Gums Murphy to Chahat Fateh Ali Khan or if he was serious. Either way, we’re having fun.

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